Peter Robinson talks about Discipleship 

Discipleship involves a change in our thinking and what we think is most important in life. But it goes much deeper than that. It is the re- formation of not just what we think but also our hearts through the daily disciplines of Christian practices, so we can live according to God’s story as opposed to the many competing stories that bombard us in culture.


Peter Robinson talks about Following Jesus

Following Jesus involves allowing God to reorder the desires of our hearts.  We are not just ‘thinking things’, but also ‘desiring creatures’ whose lives are determined by what we ultimately love. Therefore, our desires need to be cultivated through the practices that are embedded in our life together in the Church towards God.


Peter Robinson talks about Mission

Mission is not a duty that good Christians are compelled to do. Instead, it’s central to the life of the church. We grow and develop as disciples of Jesus only as we are engaged in what Christ is doing in the world.


Peter Robinson is the Professor of Proclamation, Worship and Ministry at Wycliffe College. After completing his master’s at Regent College in Vancouver, he went to do a PhD in Christian Doctrine at King’s College, University of London, England. As an ordained Anglican Priest, Peter has served in churches in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, London, and France. In the Diocese of Toronto, he serves on the Doctrine and Worship Committee and the Postulancy Committee. At Wycliffe he teaches courses in formation and mission, worship, preaching, and what it means to be made in the image of God. He and his wife Tiffany are learning new things every day as the parent three teenagers – Ben, Sofia, and Anna.