About Us

St John’s Anglican Church practices a generous orthodoxy?  What is a generous orthodoxy? It takes seriously that Jesus Christ is Lord and in following Him people are freed to become truly human in all aspects of life. How do we follow Christ? As Anglican Christians we listen, discern and act upon what Jesus wants us to be and do in the reading and proclamation of Scripture that takes place in the context of worship. Since we are not alone in hearing and following God’s Word but do so along with a community of Christians around the world and throughout history as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, our interpretations are guided by the accepted Creeds (Nicene, Apostles’ and Athanasian), the long history of the Church’s Tradition and the articles of faith as laid out for us in the Anglican Tradition.  


We believe the Christian life that Jesus calls us to live is not a burden, but a life of grace, forgiveness and freedom. First and foremost it’s a life that frees our minds to engage critically with the difficult questions of life and the post-Christian philosophies of the day that wish to counter this freedom. Therefore, second, the Christian life is one, now that our minds are freed by God’s grace to engage the culture critically, to live according to the image we were created to be by God. In other words, the Christian life is all about being your true self, a self that is free from having to measure one’s worth by this world’s overbearing demands thanks to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.