St John’s takes seriously its Evangelical Anglican tradition’s emphasis on biblically engaged preaching. Sermon series are regularly offered that engages important questions today.


The Resurrection and you Life – This series which starts on the first Sunday after Easter, examines how the Resurrection impacts every aspect your life

The Cross and your Life – This series which concludes on Easter Sunday, examines how the crucifixion of Jesus impacts every aspect of your life

Christian Hope – This series looks at how Christian hope drives how we live the Christian life both as individuals and as a community of believers. 

Prodigal God – This series addresses what destroys and builds up a Christian community by examining the Parable of the Prodigal Sons in Luke 15. 

Though Questions – This series looks at the tough questions Christians face today such as How can God be good and let bad things happen to us?, How can Christians claim that Jesus is the one and only God?, How do you reconcile the God of judgment with the God of mercy in the bible? and much more!

Christian Virtues – This series examples how Christian character is developed in the Christian lifeTo assist members in applying what they hear on Sunday mornings to their lives, questions are listed in the bulletin to consider. Of course, Revd Dr Mike is always available for questions